Become a Board Certified Christian Master Mental Health Coach

Dear Colleague:

In addition to the MHC First Responder Training, we have created several areas of specializations for you to choose from. Each specialization includes two courses (Regular Tuition $800).

Once you have successfully completed the MHC First Responder Training and one of the MHC Specializations, you have met the educational requirements and are eligible to apply for Master Mental Health Coach Certification through the prestigious International Board of Christian Care.

Just think what it would mean to your church, family, and friends to know that you are a Board Certified Christian Master Mental Health Coach. Imagine the confidence you will have in yourself and how God will be able to more effectively use you to help those who are hurting and looking for direction

Each specialization includes two video-based courses in a subject area taught by some of the world’s leading mental health and ministry experts. Each course is on-demand 24/7/365 through our robust learning management system to facilitate the best learning experience. Upon successful completion, students will receive their certificate of completion are immediately eligible to apply for the Certified Master Mental Health Coach Designation with a specialization in their area of study.

Enroll now for the best savings we have to offer.

We can’t wait to see how God is going to use this program of study!

Life Recovery

Our dynamic Life Recovery Coaching specialization is anchored by two distinct courses focusing on a biblically based application of the 12-Step model and Christian recovery principles. As a Mental Health Coach, do not miss this incredible resource to be equipped and more effectively serve those on the path to recovery.

(Regular Tuition $800)

Crisis Response and Trauma Care

This specialization in Crisis Response and Trauma Care prepares leaders to come alongside those who are hurting to help properly and adequately respond when a crisis happens. The good news is God is always in our trouble, and He has no greater plan than work through His people as a conduit to tell them that He will make a way.

(Regular Tuition $800)

Grief and Loss

This specialization in Grief and Loss helps leaders hear compelling stories and case examples, gain insightful and practical information, understand strategic interventions for those grieving, and learn how to walk alongside those who are in deep mourning. As the grief process can come in relentless waves filled with various, intense emotions, this program will provide the necessary tools to help serve, support, and encourage those who are struggling.

(Regular Tuition $800)

Suicide Prevention

This specialization in Suicide Prevention helps leaders recognize that no word brings more alarm, fear, pain, or concern than suicide. The statistics surrounding suicide are alarming: Over 40,000 Americans die by suicide every year. These are hurting people who desperately need our help. This innovative curriculum offers what you need to incorporate effective prevention and intervention strategies for your practice or ministry! Cutting-edge techniques include the SAFE-T method and are designed to help educate and equip you.

(Regular Tuition $800)

Gerontology – Caring For Seniors God’s Way

This specialization in Gerontology helps leaders recognize thatone of the most significant and challenging populations over the next 20 years has to do with aging; what some call the golden years and others call the not so golden years. It’s the study and practice of gerontology. If you work with, have influence on, or have family members in their later years, this dynamic course is for you! Our goal is to help you understand the tough issues the elderly wrestle with today and confidently use the Bible when working with those who need clear direction, support and encouragement.

(Regular Tuition $800)

Addiction and Recovery

This specialization in Addiction and Recovery helps leaders recognize that addiction is now one of the top public health issue in the United States. Addiction can tear apart individuals and families and destroy lives. As Christians, God wants us to be His instruments of healing and restoration for those caught in the chains of addiction. The good news is that with today’s incredible medical and scientific advances that have refined the way we understand addictions, and with the application of spiritual transformation and renewal, we can offer real hope.

(Regular Tuition $800)

Trauma-Informed Care & Coaching

This specialization in Trauma-Informed Care & Coaching is designed to provide basic foundational knowledge of trauma-informed care with faith-based applications from leading Christian experts in the field. Based on SAMSHA’s principles of a trauma-informed approach, this course covers a wide variety of topics applicable to mental health professionals, pastors, coaches, teachers, healthcare workers and anyone providing direct care to hurting people.

(Regular Tuition $1600)

Recovery Alive Coaching

This specialization in Recovery Alive Coaching is designed to provide cutting-edge training to help coaches and facilitators competently and compassionately engage and support those in their community suffering from depression, addiction, grief, anxiety, relationship issues and countless other struggles and soul-wounds in a group setting.

(Regular Tuition $1600)