Board of Christian Crisis & Trauma Response

The BCCTR is affiliated with World’s largest and most diverse faith-based mental health organization, the American Association of Christian Counselors, and is open to all mental health professionals, pastors, chaplains, para-professionals, and lay counseling ministry leaders who identify themselves as Christian counselors.

Our mission is to serve Christian counselors throughout the world in taking positive and tangible steps to develop the emerging profession of Christian counseling. Our vision is to create and maintain a viable and comprehensive Christian Care Network as a resource for hurting people.

“The need for Christian Crisis Responders has never been greater. From the terrorist attacks of September 11th to Hurricane Katrina, the Virginia Tech shootings, and the BP Gulf oil spill, AACC’s National Crisis Response Team has been mobilized to help meet the needs of those facing terrible crisis, trauma, and loss. And beyond those large-scale events, there are crises in smaller communities that are equally devastating to those whose lives are impacted by the natural disasters, accidents, or acts of violence that have become a part of daily life in our modern age. Won’t you join our growing team in providing consolation, comfort, encouragement and hope?”

Jennifer Cisney Ellers, M.A., BCCRT
Executive Director, BCCTR