1. Why should I join the BCLC?
     We have listed several benefits on the BCLC web site. Your attractive credential communicates to clients and colleagues alike that you have completed a thorough and professional review. It is a public statement that you are qualified to provide ethical and competent Life Coaching from a Christian perspective. You can refer inquiring clients to www.thebclc.com to review the AACC code of ethics, doctrinal standards and credentialing requirements. The strength of credentialing numbers provides greater influence and presence in the national and international community.
  2. What are the “practical” benefits of being a BCLC credential holder?
     The BCLC provides support, prayer and counsel on ethical and professional issues for credential holders. We are trustworthy advocates. The BCLC credential is a public statement about your personal integrity, life coaching experience, spiritual character, and life coaching philosophy.

    There is a “drop box” on our web site that will allow you to print the main BCLC logo as well as your specific credential logo on your business card, office stationary, advertising, etc.

    You will have opportunities to receive “credential holders only” discounts on AACC products, CE programs, training events, and AACC Conferences.

    You will receive opportunities and benefits (professional, financial, etc.).

  3. Why is the BCLC application so comprehensive and detailed?
     It is the invariable commitment of the AACC to provide credentialing opportunities that are legitimate. The BCLC Board has set a very high standard in order to provide and protect a sacred trust as Christian Caregivers. When you receive a credential from one of the AACC Credentialing Boards, it commands professional respect and national recognition. Our requirements also make a clear value and quality statement to comparable secular agencies.