BCPPC Credential Renewal Notice
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Thank you so much for all you do in caring for and encouraging others who struggle with life-impacting challenges. Our BCPPC credentialed counselors honorably represent the Lord Jesus with Christian compassion and counseling competence. You have been a faithful partner in this nationally recognized counseling ministry team. We value you and don’t want to lose you as one of our members!

The purpose for me writing is to remind you that it is time to renew your biennial credential with the Board of Christian Professional and Pastoral Counselors. There is great value in being credentialed by an organization that has such a broad scope of influence throughout our nation and around the world. Your membership is also a great value to us because we collectively have a strong and influential voice in the professional and pastoral communities.

Our commitment to you is to provide assistance in many practical and professional ways, such as clarifying ethics questions or offering specialized training resources from the AACC bookstore. Our BCPPC staff is available via e-mail or telephone to answer questions or just pray with members who are stressed with the challenges that come with being a counselor.

Please review the Renewal Application, Attestation and Agreement carefully, as well as the specific requirements for your particular credential. You may also want to make a photocopy of all completed forms to keep for your records. The renewal fee for all credentials is $149.00. Checks should be made payable to IBCC.

It is urgent that you make this a priority! Late submissions will put you at risk of losing your credential, resulting in the need to reapply under the current, more rigorous standards and also paying the application fee of $149.00.

Please send your completed application, renewal fee, and all required supporting documentation to: BCPPC, c/o Administrative Coordinator, P.O. Box 739, Forest, Virginia 24551.

The renewal is based on a two-year cycle from the date that your credential was awarded or your last renewal date, which may be different than the deadline notice in this letter.